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Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness helps in transmitting signals and electrical power. It find its applications in automobiles as well as construction machines. It is known for its high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and optimum performance.
DMD Lead Wire
Come to us to fulfill your demand for DMD lead wire. Both, plain and textured wires can be purchased for refrigeration applications. These wires are supplied in rolls.
Cluster Assemblies
Harness Techniques (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a name to trust when it comes to cluster assemblies. These assemblies finds use in a number of applications.
Dmd Wire Assembly
Get in touch with us if you want a comprehensive DMD wire assembly. DMD wires are lead wires that are produced in bulk for different applications. These wires can be provided with different heads based on the application.
AC Wire Harness/ Assembly
Buy from us AC wire harness/ assembly for your air conditioner. The role of this wire harness is to transmit signals or electrical power. Wiring is an important component of your AC and therefore select it wisely.
ODU Panel Assembly
Install an ODU panel assembly in your processing plant to have a control on machines. This assembly comprises a number of switches and wirings.

Electronic Meter Harness
This electronic meter harness works to carry signal/ current from one point to another in a device. It makes the current transition smooth and with utmost safety.
Bus AC Fuse Box Harness
Bus Ac fuse box harness is a wire harness system that includes a fuse block. It can be used in specific applications as well as custom installations.

Automobile Sensor Assembly

Automobile sensor assembly is a set of wires which can be bound together with a purpose to secure them. As the very name implies, this assembly is meant to be used in automobile sector.

Diode Assembly

Our company utilizes PP and nylon for the production of diode assembly. This product can be purchased by customers in any number.

Power Cables
Power Cables are made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. Corrosion, high temperatures, abrasion, and excessive flexing can all be addressed with custom wires and cables. Our production process does not require any physical labor and is guided by online high-voltage inspection systems. They are very economical to use.